Tips for Intake of Injectable Form

 Melanotan 2 (most commonly referred to as MT2) is a lyophilized powder, which when injected into the body, gives it the desired brown coloured sunless tan 

 When undertaking injections for the perfect tan, you need to follow the two steps criteria- 

Mixing Solution


  1. Once you flip off the cap from the top surface of the vial, wipe it gently with enclosed alcohol. Similarly clean the water tube as well.
  2. Place the water ampule in the snapper with the blue dot facing you, close the snapper cover and bend the snapper to expose the water.
  3. Take the syringe out of its packaging and insert it into the water ampule.
  4. Pull out 100 units or 1ml of water out of the vial and depress it into the Melanotan 2 vial. Completely empty the syringe and slowly remove it.
  5. The solution is ready to be used, but at no point should you shake it because it may affect its saturation. It is suggested to store it in a cool and dry place for effective results.

Administering the Right Dosage


  1. Take a new syringe, pull back its plunger and then depress it back into the vial so as to create an air pressure.
  2. Withdraw around 10 units of Melanotan 2 solution in the syringe.
  3. Find a fleshy area of your body (usually under the belly button), wipe it off with alcohol wipe and pinch at a distance of 2cm from it.
  4. While holding it straight, the dilute solution can now be injected into the skin.

As far as dose frequency is concerned, one needs to use Melanotan after alternate days until the right colour is achieved. After that a dose per week is sufficient enough. For quick and impressive results, take sunbed sessions. For novice, infuse only half the amount so as to enable your body to get used to it.